The Museum Library Collection


The Library at present comprises over 2300 items. Apart from the writings of John Bunyan and his contemporaries, it contains biographies of John Bunyan and other historical figures, historical background, including the history of Bunyan Meeting and other Nonconformist churches, pamphlets and sermons, and illustrations, plus a large collection of more than 400 foreign language editions of Bunyan’s works in over 200 different languages and dialects.

The Library is open to researchers by appointment only. 

Contact 01234 270303, or email

We regret we are unable to give valuations for books.  Donations are always welcome; if you think you have something we may be interested in, please contact the Curator.

News from the Library:

Currently on display in the Museum’s cabinet of curiosities, are a selection of editions of The Pilgrim’s Progress translated into languages and dialects from across Great Britain and Ireland. My interest was caught by the Scottish Gaelic edition, as it was the only copy in the collection in that language. We have since obtained several of Bunyan’s works translated into Scottish Gaelic, including A few sighs from Hell and Grace Abounding. We believe there may be other editions and translations into other dialects of Great Britain and Ireland - for instance Manx or Cornish. If you have, or know where we can find more translations of The Pilgrim’s Progress or John Bunyan’s other works, please contact us via the website.

Jennifer Ayley, Librarian